Brunch Date and a walk along the Block

Who doesn’t love a place you can go to with your pup and get all dressed up? I know that it is one of my favorite things to do, and I found the perfect restaurant, and it has a great menu to chose from.

Waiting patiently for our table at Piggy Small’s

In downtown Honolulu there is this place called Piggy Small’s at Ward Village. They have Vietnamese fusion type food, that is unique and delicious. Their menu is constantly changing but every time we have gone they have had the LFC wings or a vegetarian option of LFC cauliflower. I love finding ways to get more veggies in my life, so I highly recommend the cauliflower option but am 100% sure the wings are equally as good. We have gone several times and by far Sunday Brunch has been my favorite time of day to visit.

As for their dog friendliness there is covered canopy seating outside for you and your pups. The waiters are pretty good about filling water bowls but you do need to bring your own. I’d definitely suggest that you make reservations because it is in downtown and everywhere is always packed. This also guarantees that you are set for an outside table. Oh and if you are a deserts fan Piggy Small’s has some bomb soft serve ice cream that you could share with your furry friend as long as the flavor of the month isn’t chocolatey!

*Disclaimer large amounts of sugar aren’t good for your pups health but on occasion a small portion is alright.

Before or after your meal you can take a lovely jaunt around the Ward Center or hit up the park across the street to give your pup something new to explore and smell. It has a beautiful view of the ocean and a nice paved path that makes for a great walk. If you decide to stay inside and hit the Ward Center, I recommend stopping in T&C Surf Designs or Nordstrom Rack, they love making new furry friends! T&C Surf Design even has a little water bowl in in front of their doors, just in case it’s a little hot and your four legged friend needs a drink.

Enjoying a nap, while their humans eat brunch!

Enjoy your next adventure and be sure to let us know if you gave Piggy Small’s a try or if you know of another great restaurant downtown that is dog friendly.

Mahalo (thank you),



The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I know you’ve probably already been on a lot of adventures and the only thing I can think of to make it better is bringing along your four legged companions. Dogs make everything in life much more enjoyable, especially when you’re able to give them new experiences and a full life of exploration!

My goal with this blog is to provide other dedicated dog owners with some pointers on traveling with your pooch and maybe new places to explore.

So let me start with a quick introduction, my name is Tiffany and I am the dog mom of a St. Bernard/Boxer mix named Allen and a little mutt named Rocket. I’ve had my two fur-children for about four years and we have done some major adventuring from living in Maryland and going ALL the way across the country to Hawaii. It has been challenging at times but so much fun because I got to spend it seeing things through the eyes of my pups.

Right now we claim the Honolulu area as home. Coming from the mainland where dog blogs and post on dog friendly lists about anything and everything are abundant, it came as quite a shock that Hawaii doesn’t really do dog friendly lists. It just is dog friendly if you know where to look, which can be pretty difficult when you first move somewhere. So to help my fellow dog lovers out there I created this blog to highlight our dog adventures in paradise. In my future posts, I plan to give you lists of some of my favorite dog friendly beaches, restaurants, and activities that I’ve found to take my dogs on. Hopefully, I can help make adventuring with your dog on Oahu a little easier! Mahalo,


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton