Favorite Local Dog Store

When you get to a new place it really takes some time to figure out where all the local businesses are, and who carries the products you love. So after weeks of hitting Petco and Target for dog supplies we finally ventured out to find a dog store close to us that carry some amazing products. Since that day we have been hooked on supporting this little local pet store called Paw Hanna Supply Co. over in Aiea. It has tons of local products as well as plenty of healthy, high quality dog treats. They even make their own dog jerky!

Can we please open these now, mom?

Paw Hanna Supply Co. has an amazing group of people running the show. Opihi, the shop dog, makes sure to greet you with enthusiasm and love, just like her human counterparts! Her family is very knowledgeable about the products they have on hand and will even assist in directing you to a shop that carries what you need if they don’t have it. Some of the great products carried include the Stella & Chewy brand, Primal Pet Foods Inc., Poi Dogs, and Fruitables. They have a wide variety of treats, collars, toys, and food to choose from. Another thing I absolutely love is that even though we are on an island their prices are great compared to the big name shops!

Play time with Opihi! Making new friends everywhere we go.

Not only do I love going but my pups adore this place because if it isn’t to busy we can have a mini puppy play date with Opihi and run around the shop playing and having a grand old time just being dogs. It’s set up so tails don’t whack things off shelves and there is room to pass by without any incidents. There’s no other place we have been to that opens up their doors and invites your furchildren in for playtime while you shop! It really is like going and visiting family. Plus they have a picture area set up so you can get cute photos of your dogs with the yellow or blue fire hydrants!

When you go to visit just keep in mind the location is a little hard to find if you’ve never been there before but I feel like that is how everything worth going to is here on Oahu. All the best places are hidden and if you aren’t in the know you may never find them! Thankfully google has your back and you can throw it into the GPS. It’s way back behind the Goodwill and in the second row of businesses once you pass the security booth. If you head on over let us know what you think!

For more info you can check out their Instagram @pawhanasupplyco or website: https://pawhanasupplyco.com/